Во училиште ја навредувале и нарекувале кит, а денес има 51 килограм и е инспирација за илјадници девојки

23 годишната Ема Роуз Доерти од Велика Британија поминала низ неверојатна физичка трансформација, така што девојките кои во училиште ја навредувале поради изгледот, станала фитнес тренер кој денес е инспирација за повеќе од 170 илјади луѓе.

Ема како тинејџерка носела број на облека 42, така што во училиште многумина ја задевале и додавале погрдни прекари како кит.

Поради сето тоа, таа стнаала депресивна и анксиозна, па избегнувала социјални собири, а посебно тешко и паднало заминувањето на плажа.

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MAKE TODAY DAY 1 OF YOUR TRANSFORMATION💘 . I was really hesitant about sharing this photo on the left – I don’t even recognise myself and feel really nervous about sharing this😳 but if it can help/ inspire/ motivate at least 1 other female then it’s worth it❤️ . When I say transformation, I’m not just talking about improving how you look. yes it’s amazing to feel body confident and see your physique transform, but starting a health + fitness journey is SO much more than just looking better in the mirror !! . I started my fitness journey from a very ‘dark’ place, I was genuinely deeply depressed + on a lot of medication. 5 years ago I used to cancel on social events and stay at home eating crappy food feeling sorry for myself. I would attempt to go to the gym and then look in the mirror and cry and not bother. I got called a whale at school. I would constantly self sabotage myself and ended up with extremely disordered eating habits and a restrict-binge mentality. I never ever thought I would be able to find my ‘happy’ place where I enjoyed my lifestyle and could be happy in my body at the same time. I thought you had to kill yourself to look good. and this is where I went SO wrong for such a long time . My no 1 goal with my coaching business and also with this platform is to help girls NOT make the same mistakes I did and finally create a healthy lifestyle where they not only look good but they FEEL good too. No fad diets or stupid calorie restrictions or exercise routines that KILL you. If you don’t enjoy it, you aren’t going to stick to it TRUST ME! & you will end up straight back at square 1 . Make today the day you commit to transforming your lifestyle, health, body and mindset for GOOD. Fuel your body with delicious food, be consistent with your exercise + movement, get yourself a plan and some accountability. I promise you it will be the best decision you’ve ever made❤️🙏🏻 . if you need my help and if you want to join my @empower_training coaching community : enquire today through the link in my bio @emmafituk_ 💘🥰 #empowertraining

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“Сакав да ги променам работите па размислував за одење во теретана, а потоа се погледнав во огледало и заплакав. Се чувствував инфериорно, само и безвредно”, изјавила таа за Дејли Мејл. Вели дека тогаш сфатила дека, од сите девојки се кои е опкружена, само таа не се забавува и дека само таа размилува за тоа како изгледа во секоја ситуација во животот.

“Видов како другите девојки уживаат и тоа ме натера да се запрашам зошто целиот живот се грижев како изгледам, наместо да уживам”, вели. Еден ден, во текот на школувањето, Ема одлучила да замине во мала теретана во своето место и започнала да учи како да ги користи справите. Тоа променило се.

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“DIETS DON’T WORK” …… 🤦🏼‍♀️ actually they do work!! And quite successfully when implemented correctly with a structured exit strategy (ie the diet after the diet) . Most people who say this are referring to the weight watchers/ slimming world/ juice detox / silly 8 week low calorie diet where they pile all the weight back on as soon as the diet has ended . Well of course these diets aren’t going to work⚠️ . 1️⃣ because a lot of the time they leave you so hungry / restricted or too far from what’s sustainable that it makes you want to BINGE on all the food you’ve missed out on at the end of the diet 2️⃣ because all the things you did to help you lose weight initially (calorie deficit & maybe a training plan / step count target/ cardio) you completely disregard at the end of the diet and think you can just stop completely after 8 weeks 🛑 . ❌Think of it like this: if you started being really careful with money and prioritised SAVING over spending for a few months – and then did a 180 in the opposite direction: going back to bad money habits and dipping into those savings not giving a damn, do you think you’d still be in the good financial position with a nice cushty savings account? NO🙃 Same applies for fat loss + body composition . What you do after the diet to maintain these results is JUST as important as the diet itself. This is why I’m all about lifestyle change and taking a long term of your health + fitness journey with all my @empower_training clients 💘 . I personally started getting into fitness just over 5 years ago and tomorrow I’m going to post up a #transformationtuesday that I have NEVER shown before😳😳 to hopefully prove that you really can make BIG + permanent physique changes. It allllllll comes back to consistency, planning and finding a “diet” *LIFESTYLE* that you enjoy and can adhere to 🙌🏼 . If you are interested in finding out more about my female only online coaching company and working with me + the amazing community we’ve built to take you to your goals 👉🏼 enquire today!!💘 link in bio @emmafituk_ www.empoweronlinecoaching.com . Wearing @ryderwear EMMAD10 for discount🤍

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Денес има 51 килограми и носи број на облека 38, а на својот Инстаграм профил редовно дели совети за здрав живот и исхрана. Пет дена неделно е во теретана, еднаш неделно на тренинг за бокс и секојдневно пешачи.

Но, не е се толку лесно како што изгледа.

Ема во текот на својата трансформација во еден момент развила орторексија, пореметување на исхраната која опфаќа нездава опсесија со здрава и правилна исхрана. “Развив орторексија. Јадев недоволно, претерано се ограничував и не можев правилно да го одржувам своето тело”, додава таа. Но, станала свесна за својот проблем, се едуцирала и работела на себе за да успее да го надмине тој проблем.

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WHAT I EAT IN A DAY ON A REST DAY😋👇🏼 . Lots of girls are scared to eat on days they don’t go to the gym in fear that it’s going to get stored as fat as they’re not “burning it off” . 🙅🏼‍♀️🙅🏼‍♀️Your body NEEDS adequate amounts of food every day whether you exercise or not – just to keep you alive and functioning! & actually the amount of calories you “burn” in your workouts is a lot less than you’d expect. & the days we REST is when we’re going to be growing + adapting from our workouts. Change happens when we rest so we need to ensure we’re feeding our bodies the building blocks it needs to refuel + rebuild our muscles💪🏼 . I’m in a fat loss phase at the mo so I’m eating in a calorie deficit (💔lol) Everyone’s deficit kcals are completely different but this is a typical day of eating on a rest day🤗 . 🍓 meal 1: 0% fat @arladairyuk skyr yogurt, 1/2 scoop @myproteinuk cinnamon protein powder, frozen berries + 20g @myproteinuk milk choc spread . 🥯 meal 2: bagel thin, chicken breast, spinach, tomatoes . 🥥 meal 3: 1 tortilla wrap, coconut + mango marinated chicken breast, 30g hummus, mixed salad, coconut flakes . 🍫meal 4: rolled oats, grated courgette, 25g @myproteinuk protein powder, blueberries + 20g dark chocolate . 🍎🥜SNACK: also had an apple + peanut butter but ate it before taking a piccy oooops🐷 & I have a @cadburyuk highlights 40 kcal hot choccy at night🤤 . I’m allllll about getting a good variety of COLOUR 🌈 and a good diversity of nutrients in my diet so I change up my salads, veggies and berries every day to get a range of different vitamins in🍒🥕🥦🍏 + I encourage my @empower_training clients to change up their veggies too (+ it jazz’s up your meals more too🦄✨✨) . Outfit is @ryderwearwomen / @ryderwear EMMAD10 for discount🌹 . & if you want to get anything from @myproteinuk whilst the big bank holiday sale is still on – make sure you use the code EMMAFIT to get an additional 30% off on top of sale💸 my affiliate links to shop are in my bio @emmafituk_ + as always I really appreciate anyone who uses them🙏🏻💋

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“Ова патување го промени мојот живот и кариера. Се чувствувам многу посреќно, поздраво и имам повеќе енергија. Секој ден се будам возбудена за тренинг”, вели денес.

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